Knowledge Delivery Systems

EducationHotSpotCHIKnowledge Delivery Systems (KDs) are technology packages designed to give students access to local network content, the Internet, and an eLibrary of offline educational material. KDs are an important part of Accelerating Education Initiative’s (AEI) mission to increase access to educational opportunities through the low-cost communication technologies and availability of free digital educational content. To meet the needs and resources of individual educational institutions, Think Renewables (TR) has designed several different systems that are sold and serviced by Afghan eMarketing Services (AeMS). These models include (click on each device for detailed descriptions):

Each KDs for Afghanistan is loaded with an eLibrary of educational material and can serve this information to other Ethernet or Wifi-connected digital devices. This educational material includes:

  • KA-Lite in English
  • RACHEL in English
  • Wikipedia in Dari, Pashto and English
  • eAfghan Age eLibrary by UC Davis
  • Health education videos from the Afghan Ministry of Health
  • Open Source software, including OpenOffice and VLC in English

Check out our AEI Useful Links page for more information on each of these educational materials! Plans are underway to build on this existing eLibrary by consolidating existing educational NGO resources and by translating additional content into Dari and Pashto. All of these models can be supplied with an appropriate solar power kit on request.

If you think one of TR’s KDs could support your organization’s vision of creating access to educational opportunities, send us a note through our Contact Us page and we’d be glad to help you work with TRI to find the system that would work best for you!