Medical Education and Clinical Support Fund 

We are working with the Afghan Medical Professionals Association of America (AMPAA) on a project to provide medical education and clinical support to a hospital in Afghanistan.  Recently, this hospital installed the needed communication technology and offline eLibraries.

Currently, AMPAA is working with this hospital to explore how best they can provide medical training and clinical support via the internet.   A range of collaboration and information services will be used to support the training and support process including Google Hangout, Skype and ZygoteBody.

The communication technology system has been purchased and installed at this hosptial, which includes a set of eStations, developed by Think Renewables to help ensure more reliable communicaitons.  These estations also included offline eLibraries of medical information.

A needs assement has been completed at this hospital and now we are moving forward to raise the rest of the money needed.  We estimate the cost of fully launching phase one of this project to be about US$14,000.

In phase two, new low cost technologies, like digital stethoscopes and cell phone microscopes will be used in conjunction to facilitate clinical support. Contact us to find out more about this project or donate to show your support.

Distance Medical Education and Clinical Support:
Combining Educational Resources with Medical Professionals

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