CharityHelp International (CHI) combines the use of low-cost communication technologies, online payments and renewable resources to catalyze change.  We started more than 10 years ago by connecting sponsors to children through our Child Sponsorship Program.  Soon we plan to expand this approach with the launch of our test Accelerating Education Initiative.

Our Sponsorship Program matches sponsors with children in developing countries through our partnering child-care institutions and our sponsorship portal. Sponsors support these children’s basic needs, education, and access to opportunities.  We help promote long-term support for the children by facilitating relationship-building through regular and safe sponsor-child communications.

Our new Accelerating Education Initiative (AEI) is in process and will soon be launched publicly.  It is designed to help seize the unprecedented opportunity to accelerate education that is emerging due to rapid growth of free educational information, personal digital devices and global communications infrastructure.   Come back soon to see more details.

All of our work is supported by our two partnering organizations, Think Renewables, Inc. (TRI) and Afghan eMarketing Services (AeMS). US-based TRI was founded to generate ongoing financial and technological support for CHI programs, and Afghanistan-based AeMS provides further support in implementing TRI’s programs in Afghanistan. Both companies donate their net profits directly to CHI.

We’re excited about how new technologies and free educational resources can be used to accelerate education around the world and would like to see this approach implemented on a substantial scale. But, we can’t do it alone. If you’d like to get involved as a sponsor, coach, donor, partnering organization, or just spreading the word, we would love your help. Check out our What You Can Do page for more information on how. We can’t wait to hear from you!