Free Offline Educational Resources Enhanced with AI-based Tutoring

Combining free offline education resources with artificial intelligence (A.I.) based tutoring can create substantial benefits. For example, students can watch a wide range of educational videos from an offline educational information server. Then, when they have questions about the topics discussed in these videos, they can ask an A.I. Tutor and get immediate answers. Compared to using both tutoring services and training videos from online websites, this approach of using online tutoring services and offline training videos can significantly reduce the amount of online data needed.

To minimize the cost of providing offline education information servers, old computers can be converted to offline educational information servers, as this step-by-step guide outlines: Converting a Personal Computer into an Educational Information Server.

We are exploring AI-based tutoring services that serve as a valuable complement to traditional educational approaches, such as the Khanmigo platform, which is supported by the widely-known Khan Academy. These innovative AI-powered tools extend beyond conventional learning resources to provide students with a dynamic and personalized educational experience.

Integrating AI-based tutoring services, such as Khanmigo, with offline educational resources creates a beneficial collaboration that addresses the diverse needs of learners. By leveraging available technology, students can benefit from tailored guidance, adaptive learning modules, and real-time feedback, thereby improving their comprehension and skills. 

The relationship between AI-based tutoring services and offline educational resources is particularly advantageous for students seeking supplemental assistance. This collaboration fosters a more interactive and engaging learning environment and can contribute to improved academic performance. We recommend students explore using AI-based tutoring services to determine how beneficial they are for their studies. There are many AI-based tutoring services in addition to Khanmigo.  To view a list of some of them, visit:

  1. Free Tutor AI
  2. StudyX AI
  3. Mr. Ranedeer

We have not reviewed and tested these AI-based tutoring services. Therefore, if you want to try them out, please be careful and do so at your discretion.

To view more A.I. tutoring services, visit this new online platform by ChatGPT:

Shown below are some research resources and articles related to AI-assisted learning:
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Information about these climate solutions is contained in the Kolibri channel created by CharityHelp’s partner, Climate Solutions Advancement Network (ClimateSAN). To download this channel via the Kolibri app, you can go to the ‘Channel’ tab in the Kolibri app, click on ‘Import with Token’ and enter kiton-katin’.
As a result, this education approach can also help students learn ways to mitigate climate change and create benefits for themselves and their communities. For example, students can learn how to make biochar and place it in the soil to grow more food. To learn more about biochar, visit Biochar Overview: What it is, its benefits and an opportunity to scale it globally.
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