Expanding Access to Free Offline Educational Resources Initiative

The team at CharityHelp International has developed a guide on how to convert obsolete laptops into educational information servers. These servers are loaded with a wide range of educational resources including information about biochar.

Converting Obsolete Laptops into Educational Servers

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The educational content includes topics such as:

  • Math
  • Sciences
  • History
  • Technology

Climate Solutions (e.g. Biochar)


Along with serving educational content to users, these software platforms allow administrators to add additional educational material to this server by downloading content from the master Kolibri and/or Kiwix online servers.




Reaching out to Agricultural Centres

Our first step in this initiative is to reach out to agricultural centres to share free information on how to grow biochar to improve crops and food production while also helping out the planet and creating an ongoing source of income.

What is Biochar?

Biochar is a charcoal-like substance made by heating organic waste (also called biomass) in an oxygen-limited environment. It can be combined with organic matter and incorporated into soil to enhance its ability to grow food. One study found that when mixed with compost, biochar can increase a crop yield by 40%.

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Our Next Steps

As we raise more funds for this initiative, we plan to reach out to international NGOs that focus on education in developing countries with the capacity to provide online technical support to these organizations. This technical support will complement the online forums provided by Kolibri and Kiwix.

After we reach out to education-focused international NGOs, we plan to connect with smaller NGOs that are based in one of our selected developing countries and focused on education. Ultimately, we plan to expand our initiative to as many developing countries as possible. Over time, our goal is to increase awareness on how to convert obsolete laptops into educational information servers and on the benefits of biochar.

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