Emergency Fund

AFCECO Needs Your Help Today!

The Afghan Child Education and Care Organization (AFCECO) has been one of the most positive and unique developments in Afghanistan’s war torn landscape. For nine years children coming from extreme poverty, displacement, and violence have lived together in orphanages that are bastions of true democracy, places where everyone is equal and equally takes care of one another, where health and education take precedence over divisions of race and language and the climate of hatred civil war engenders. The investment by sponsors and donors over time has begun to pay off as the first generation of “graduates” now enter university while working for AFCECO. These young people are devoted to their homeland, to their people’s well being, and will invariably manifest the model of their orphanage’s peace, hope and integrity into mainstream Afghan society.

Right now AFCECO must weather a very difficult transition. Sponsorship has fallen off, and Afghanistan is going through a major shift as the international community moves out. In order not to lose the investment we have made in these children, we must rally our fundraising efforts to keep AFCECO orphanages from closing their doors. AFCECO cannot pay the rent for these properties. We must raise $120,000 by the end of winter to keep what we have. Beyond that we will require another $100,000 to keep our programs running, such as a learning center, sports programs and our music program.

Every dollar helps because, with many people organizing events such as Giving Tuesday, these events can really make a differnce.  Big events would be greatly beneficial but there is no reason to think even a small bake sale or raffle does not have its impact. And of course, each event networks more and more, perhaps attracting child sponsorship as well.

We need your help today. We have a chance to show the true spirit of democracy, how this wide and diverse family of AFCECO can all work together, just as the children themselves have risen above adversity in their lives to against all odds remain determined, hopeful and hard working.

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