Over ten years ago, CharityHelp International (CHI) was founded and started by supporting children in Afghanistan and Pakistan operated by the Afghan Child Education and Care Organization (AFCECO). In 2010, a new company called Think Renewables was formed in the US to help generate ongoing financial support for CharityHelp International’s programs. Then in 2013, Afghan eMarketing Services (AeMS) was formed to implement Think Renewables’ projects in Afghanistan and provide further support for CharityHelp International’s programs. As profits are generated by both of these companies, they will be donated to CharityHelp International.

Think Renewables (TR) was started by developing a line of solar powered computer stations called Solar eStations that could be located anywhere in Afghanistan. After it developed this line, the management team saw an urgent need to improve the reliability of Internet based communications. Therefore, it developed its next generation eStation called a Conferencing eStation and decided to include an eLibrary of free educational content in it. While building this eLibrary, the management team discovered that there appears to be exponential growth of free educational information coming available online. As well, they observed that growth in communication infrastructure in Afghanistan was growing rapidly. This infrastructure combined with free educational information and low cost electronic devices such as computer tablets appeared to be creating some major new opportunities.

What really brought it all together for the management team of TR and was when they saw how the Winner of the 2013 TED prize, Sugata Mitra was effectively utilizing volunteers in the UK to motivate children to learn in India via Skype. Now it seemed possible to cost effectively combine these resources to produce positive results on a substantial scale. When this was discovered, CHI, TR and AeMS decided to work together to launch this initiative.